Fire Safety


The territory of the terminal is safe, but the possibility of minor incidents shall not be ruled out. We are kindly asking you to follow the requirements of CJSC “PNT”, which are mandatory for all the employees and visitors.

On the territory of the Company the following is PROHIBITED:

Using open fire

Smoking outside the specially designated areas

Using mobile phones in RED ZONES

CJSC PNT territory zoning

The territory of our Company is divided into three zones:

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red

There are no hazardous and harmful production factors in the GREEN zone (administrative buildings and adjacent territories m, utility rooms, roads surrounding the perimeter of the Terminal), therefore the use of personal protection devices (PPE) is not reqired in this area.

The ORANGE zones (internal roads and driveways on the territory of PNT) include areas with minimal harmful production factors, therefore, to enter these areas, you need to use a minimum set of PPE (a helmet, safety-toed shoes and protective clothing), which you can get at the Health, Safety and Environment Department.

In RED zones (unloading stations, storage tanks, racks, pump houses, boiler rooms, wastewater treatment facilities, berthing facilities, truck unloading stations), the impact of hazardous production factors is possible, therefore, it is mandatory to use the entire set of PPE designated for entering these areas.


Comply with the rules of gas hazardous work

Gas hazardous work must be carried out under the following conditions:

  • a valid gas hazardous permit is available;
  • the number of workers is sufficient for safe execution of the task and back-up activities in case of emergency;
  • the ambient air in the workplace area and hazardous area is properly monitored;
  • no harmful substances, explosive vapors and gases from adjacent technological systems can enter the work area;
  • possible sources of ignition are excluded, as well as the use of mobile phones and other devices that are not explosion-proof.
Provide isolation of energy sources

Any repair and maintenance of equipment that is subjected to energy influence of any kind (electrical, thermal, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, etc.) must be carried out under the following conditions:

  • all energy sources have been identified;
  • any identified energy has been isolated, released, or discharged;
  • appropriate locking is provided with warning signs at shutdown points;
  • power cutoff reliability has been properly tested;
  • periodic tests of power cutoff reliability are conducted.
Observe hot works regulations

Hot works must be carried out under the following conditions:

  1. a valid hot works permit is available;
  2. works are being constantly superintended by a manager respobsible for hot works;
  3. sufficient air monitoring at the site of hot works is ensured;
  4. any release of explosive and flammable substances into the air is excluded;
  5. equipment has stopped, protected from sparks, freed from explosive, flammable and toxic products, and isolated from operating devices and services;
  6. working area is cleared of combustible substances and materials, and the necessary primary fire extinguishing equipment has been provided.
Observe smoking regulations

Smoking is prohibited outside the designated areas