Environmental Safety

The Petersburg Oil Terminal is constantly planning and implementing environment protection activities. Company's expenditure for ecology and operation of environmental facilities is growing from year to year.

Spill Prevention

The main focus of CJSC PNT is on prevention and quick response to the consequences of oil product spills and environmental impact control.
All process equipment is fitted with advanced instruments for oil product spill prevention and leak detection. Mobile spill collection kits and sorbent supplies allow for the prompt cleanup of local oil spills. The company has developed and got approvals for an Oil Spill Response (OSR) Plan, which requires certified professional emergency response teams to implement prevention activities related to emergency situations resulting from oil spills.

Water Treatment Facilities

The first priority in environment protection is given to water treatment facilities.
The facilities are treating both wastewater and surface run-off from the Terminal, as well as oil-contaminated water from vessels arriving to the Sea Port of St. Petersburg. In total, hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of polluted water are treated at the Company wastewater treatment plant.

The multi-step wastewater treatment system implemented at PNT includes:

  • preliminary treatment with suspended particle removal and sedimentation;
  • pressure flotation;
  • membrane treatment with ultrafiltration equipment;
  • deep purification with metal removing sorption filtes and automated treated water quality control.

This scheme of industrial wastewater treatment allows obtaining outlet water that meets the stringent standards of the Russian legislation.