Corporate Values

1. Commitment

At PNT we set ourselves clear goals and follow them. The goal gives us a sense of direction and a reason to work for. We built our future by setting goals, so we can see beyond the momentary concerns by testing our goals against the Company strategy. When each member of our team reaches his or her goals, the entire Company becomes successful.

2. Efficiency

We call our Company and each individual member of our team efficient when we achieve the desired results with the minimum amount of resources. “Doing things” and “getting things done” are different concepts. The work of each individual is evaluated by the results achieved and resources used to achieve them.

3. Needs of the client

Meeting the needs of the client is the primary task for each employee and the ultimate goal for any company. Providing cost-effective, sustainable and high-quality service to the clients is the basis of our business and a guarantee for being competitive.

4. Development

Continuous development, embracing new technology, equipment modernization, professional skill improvement, higher efficiency of all business processes, and better performance are the norm in our Company. This, rather than “being close to the oil pipe”, makes us believe in the long-term success of the company.

5. Responsibility

We understand responsibility as the ability of each employee to make the connection between the final result and his or her personal efforts. We want each of us to feel responsible not only for his or her share of the work, but also for the performance of the entire Company.

6. Expertise

We are a team of experts. Reaching our goals is only possible if each task is addressed professionally. We support employees who find ways for their personal and professional growth, which yields good results for the company.

7. Discipline

The very nature of our business calls for strict discipline and respect of the rules. We will only accept risky decisions that are conscious and well-calculated. We understand that each individual has the right to make mistakes, but we expect each one to learn the lesson and never to make the same mistake twice. A PNT employee shall be personally responsible for correcting the mistakes. Deliberate rule violation, negligence and bad practices shall be penalized.

8. Trust

With our work and conduct we strive to meet the expectations of our colleagues, executives and employees, and we also have confidence in them, because we understand that trust is the essence of good business, fruitful cooperation and reaching the Company goals together.

9. Openness

PNT is an open company, focused on cooperation with external partners and between the employees. We are inventing and constantly looking for new technologies and are working to implement them. Any new suggestions and ideas of our employees are valued and respected by the Company. We support and develop constructive communication between our employees and teamwork that enables PNT to reach its goals.

10. Caring about the people

We strive to foster well-being and confidence in the future of our employees, while emphasizing that their prosperity depends of our performance as well as the external conditions of PNT operations. We are responsible before our employees. We respect their dignity and admit their achievements. We try to give them fair and adequate compensation for their work. We are constantly improving their working conditions and developing social programs.