Emergency numbers in St.Petersburg

Emergency numbers in St.Petersburg:

Common Emergency Number (free of charge, can be dialed from mobile phones, no SIM card needed): 112

Fire Protection Service: 101 (from fixed and mobile phones)

Police: 102 (from fixed and mobile phones)

Ambulance: 103 (from fixed and mobile phones)

Gas Emergency Service:104 (from fixed and mobile phones)

Regional Rescue Service Call Center (24/7): 380‑91‑19 (multichannel), 545‑47‑45, 545‑35‑18

Susupicious persons and objects can be reported to:

City Department of Internal Affairs (GUVD): 573‑21‑81 573‑21‑84 573‑23‑09

GUVD Duty Unit: 573‑21‑84

GUVD hot line (24/7): 573‑21‑81

City Department of Federal Security Service, Duty Unit: 438‑71‑10

City Department of Federal Security Service, hot line: 438‑69‑93