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1995: Establishment of JV CJSC Petersburg Oil Terminal.

1998: Construction starts under the POT Extension program, which is being implemented until the present time.

2000: Water treatment facilities with a multi-step water treatment technology are put in operation. They serve not just the terminal infrastructure but also take oil-containing water from other companies in the water of the Gulf of Finland for treatment.

2003: CJSC POT is awarded the 2nd place in the city as the company with the greatest rates of environment protection.

2004: PNT-3 and PNT-4 wharves for sea tanker reception are put in operation, which made it possible to take ships with up to 100 thousand tons deadweight.


PNT-3 and PNT-4 wharves for deepwater sea tanker reception

2004: Two railway overpasses for 36 tanks each are put in operation.


2005: A limit of 10 million tons exceeded, and a record amount of oil products transshipped, 10.8 million tons. This record can be regarded as a sort of a gift for the company’s 10th anniversary.


2005: Certification of POT’s quality management system compliance with the ISO-9001:2000 international standard.


2006: OAO RZhD and CJSC POT begin electronic data exchange for preparation of shipping documents with the so-called ETRAN (the electronic waybill system) computer-aided system is introduced. In 2008, the electronic data exchange project between AS ETRAN and the terminal’s computer-aided control system was completed with digital signature usage.


2007: Heavy-duty ships come to POS wharves for the first time:

January 11, Glenbulk A tanker, deadweight: 98 thousand tons, length: 248 m, width: 41.6 m, arrived to be loaded with M-100 furnace fuel oil.

April 17, ÌÒ Bonita tanker, deadweight: 108 thousand tons, length: 246.6 m, width: 42.03 m, arrived to be loaded with M-100 furnace fuel oil.

Reception of ships with big deadweight has become possible after dredging and construction of two news wharves.


2007: Commissioning of two tanks with a protective wall for 40 thousand tons oil products. The biggest tanks in the Northwest built according to the ergonomic double-wall technology.


Tanks with a protection system (double wall)

2008: POT is recognized as the best stevedoring company among ASOP (Sea Trade Port Association) members. POT will confirm this high status in the next two years.

2009: At the content for the Oil Terminal second international award, POT is ruled best in the Terminal for Heavy oil products nomination.


2009: POT reaches a new process level as it transships 12 million tons oil products per year.


2009: Reconstruction of the boiler house and heat exchangers, which made it possible to switch from thermal oil heating to steam heating without stopping the process at rundown of heavy oil products.

2011 - 2012: Construction of a third 40 thousand ton m3 tank.