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Enviroment protection

Environment protection measures are planned and implemented on a regular basis at Petersburg Oil Terminal. The expenses on environment protection and operation of the company’s environment protection facilities are $1 million per year.

Spill prevention

POT pays special attention to prevention and liquidation of consequences of oil product spills and prevention of their negative effect on the environment.

All process equipment has modern means for oil product spill prevention and diagnostics of any leaks. Mobile spill liquidation kits and sorbent reserve make it possible to eliminate local oil product spills quickly. The company has an Oil Spill Liquidation plan designed and approved, according to which certified professional emergency rescue teams work on prevention of emergencies related to oil product spills.

Water treatment facilities

Water treatment facilities are a priority of our environment protection.

They treat our own process and surface wastewater as well as oil-containing water from ships arriving to the St. Petersburg sea port. In total, this is several hundred thousand cubic meters of polluted water, which is cleaned by our facilities before being discharged in an open water reservoir.

The multi-step wastewater treatment system at POT includes the following:

- preliminary cleaning from suspended matters and oil products with sedimentation;

- pressure flotation;

- membrane cleaning from oil products on ultra filtration plans;

- deep cleaning on deferrizing filters and sorption filters with automatic control of the quality of water that is charged in the water area.

Treatment of industrial wastewater according to this plan makes it possible to produce water than meets the strict requirements for discharge in open water areas, and its content of impurities is much lower than background concentrations of these substances in the Neva Bay water area.

The best proof of the quality of the discharged water is an aquarium in the treatment facilities laboratory. Fish feel fine in water that has passed through POT’s treatment facilities.