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The safety system covers all the parts of POT’s business. Priority attention is paid to protection of personnel’s life and health, emergency prevention, and provision of the company’s stable operation. Plans and programs of environmental, information, transport, fire, and industrial safety, environment protection, and occupational safety are aimed at fulfillment of safety requirements.

Each year, training for practice of staff’s actions in case of emergencies is carried out at the company with engagement of emergency and rescue forces, fire rescue squads, and other cooperative structures.

In view of hazardous production factors, special attention is paid to occupational safety issues. The internal labor discipline rules stipulate a periodicity of work and leisure in accordance with the labor laws. Workplace certification by labor conditions has been completed. Work accident risks have been insured. All employees have special clothing, footwear, and other special individual protection means according to the established standards. When hired and in the course of work, preliminary and periodical medication examinations are carried out to control the health condition of employees and identify possible professional diseases in due time.


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